Quora Potpourri

Shriram Bhashyam
Aug 14th, 2014
We're big fans of Quora. It's a great way to learn and also to share one's knowledge. At EquityZen, we're knowledgeable about secondary markets for private shares (duh!), startups, startup compensation, venture capital, securities law, Python, and the Wire, among other things. In this post, we feature a potpourri of relevant questions the EquityZen team has answered on Quora. If you like them, let us know with an upvote!

What are the general rights of common stockholders in a startup?

What are the pros and cons of various private secondary markets?

Are Unicorn employees selling stock on secondary markets? Can they do so?

How can I value my options?

How can I sell my vested options?

Why do smaller startups offer options instead of RSUs?

Have successful starts historically paid less, at, or above market for equity for initial hires?

Is it true that some VCs are are doing deals with clauses forbidding company employees from engaging with private marketplaces?

How will platforms like AngelList, RockThePost, and CircleUp change the fundraising landscape 5 years from now?

Are Series A Investors Diluted by Series B Investors?

How much did employees make per share in recent startup acquisitions?

How do you value stock of a pre-IPO company with limited info?

IPO and M&A Rumors: Square IPO in 2014?
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