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Companies are staying private for longer.

Value creation in technology-enabled companies is increasingly occurring in the private markets. In 2004, companies typically went public after 4 years, today the average company IPOs after 10+ years.

Until recently, access to pre-IPO companies has been limited. EquityZen is here to change that.

1Not all pre-IPO companies will go public or get acquired, and not all IPOs or acquisitions will result in successful investments. There are inherent risks in pre-IPO investments, including the risk of loss of the entire investment, illiquidity, and fluctuations in value and returns. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

Pre-IPO Graph
Source: EquityZen, March 2021

The graph above displays how value creation from 1986 through 2020 has shifted from the public markets (green) to the private markets (gray). Roku's private valuation multiple based on Series B to IPO. Companies shown may not be actual portfolio investments of any EquityZen multi-company fund.

Invest in the Secondary Market with EquityZen

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Diversify Your Portfolio

Tap into a $500B venture-backed asset class and access private company investment opportunities. Gain exposure to individual companies or in multiple companies via an EquityZen managed portfolio.

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Company Approved Transactions

We generally source shares from early employees and investors looking for liquidity. We work together with the issuer company to close transactions, mitigating the risk that the transaction is not recognized by the company.

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Curated Investments

We only list companies with proven track-records and top-tier venture capital investors. We provide proprietary analysis including recent price history, valuation and cap tables.


Guided Transactions

Our platform guides you through the complex process of transferring equity ownership and keeps you updated on the progress of your investment. Execute and manage all your investment documents easily on the EquityZen platform.

Single-Company Funds

Choose Individual Companies

Gain exposure to individual companies2 via EquityZen's single-company funds

2Companies displayed do not equate to current live/in-progress investment offerings.

Multi-Company Funds

Invest in Portfolios of Pre-IPO Companies

Gain exposure to multiple private companies with EquityZen’s Multi-Company Funds

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Diversified Exposure

Invest in a diversified portfolio of pre-IPO companies.

Make a single investment in EquityZen’s multi-company funds. Rely on our expertise in the pre-IPO secondaries market.


Highly Selective Investments

Our investment committees follow strict guidelines to evaluate and select investment opportunities.

Since 2015, our committees have reviewed potential investments in over 200 companies.


Lower Investment Minimums

Gain exposure to historically difficult to access growth companies. Lower investment minimums are enabled by EquityZen’s proprietary technology platform, which enables efficient marketplace execution.

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EquityZen Funds Make it Easy to Invest in Private Companies

We offer investments in companies with proven track records of raising capital, generally from top-tier venture capital investors. Like all investments, investing in private companies is not without risk.

3Note: not all pre-IPO companies will go public or get acquired, and not all IPOs or acquisitions will result in successful investments.

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2. Browse companies and reserve investment

Reserve investments in EquityZen’s investment fund offerings. Indicate desired investment in upcoming offerings.

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5. Receive investment proceeds

If the company goes through an IPO or gets acquired we’ll distribute shares or cash proceeds to you.3