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Why Invest in Private Markets?

Value creation is happening before innovative companies hit the public markets. With EquityZen, individual investors can now participate in the $500B+ private market with some of the lowest investment minimums in the alternative investments category.

High Potential Return

Historically, private equity has outperformed the public market over a 1 to 25 year period. Source: Cambridge Associates, 2022


An investment allocation in private markets typically exhibits low correlation with public equities and fixed income, enhancing their appeal as a diversification option.

Value Creation

Growth and innovation is happening in the private markets as companies are staying private longer. Source: Warrington, 2024

EquityZen Investment Solutions

Single Company Funds

Single Company Funds

Invest in a single company via an EquityZen Fund

Standard Deals | Express Deals
Multi-Company Funds

Multi-Company Funds

Invest in multiple companies via an EquityZen Fund

Growth Opportunity | Thematic
Direct Share Acquisitions

Direct Share Acquisitions

Acquire ownership directly via an EquityZen brokered transaction

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Step by Step

Our Guided Investor Process

  1. Sign up and verify your accreditation status to access investment offerings on the platform.

  2. Reserve investments in live offerings or indicate interest in upcoming offerings by browsing companies, reviewing offering documents and performing research.

  3. Execute documents and provide payment information to complete investment via ACH transfer or wire.

  4. Actively manage your investments by receiving personalized updates on companies in the portfolio.

  5. Receive investment proceeds in the form of shares or cash if the company has a successful exit or you wish to sell.

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Investor Testimonials

Why Invest in Private Companies Through EquityZen's Marketplace?

A gamechanger for folks like me to get in [on] private equity ownership.

Investor, California

You are THE best platform that I have used. It is not a compliment, it is a fact.

Investor, California

I've been wanting to invest in [company] for years and never found the tiniest crack in the door. You made it happen.

Investor, New Hampshire

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