Together with Fidelity Charitable, we can help you donate your pre-IPO shares

By giving to Fidelity Charitable you can lower your taxes, simplify your giving, and donate more to the causes you care about.

When you donate pre-IPO shares to your Giving Account, you’re making a tax-deductible donation to Fidelity Charitable, allowing you to make a larger donation to causes of your choice.

But because your account is a donor-advised fund, you advise Fidelity Charitable on how to grant the money out to your favorite charities.

The tax deduction can offset your taxable income, such as capital gains on securities, including a sale of shares through EquityZen.

Fidelity Charitable logo

Fidelity Charitable is the brand name for Fidelity® Investments Charitable Gift Fund, an independent public charity with a donor-advised fund program. Various Fidelity companies provide services to Fidelity Charitable. The Fidelity Charitable name and logo are service marks, and Fidelity is a registered service mark, of FMR LLC, used by Fidelity Charitable under license. 856438.1.0