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EquityZen connects startup employees with accredited investors.

IPOs are Disappearing

The median time for a company to go public by an IPO increased from five years to more than 10 since 1999.

Employees are waiting longer...for their start-up to go public, preventing some from making career changes, starting a family or moving on with their lives. 

Investors are missing out...on the outsized returns in the private market. The graph below illustrates how value creation from 1986 through 2018 has shifted from public markets (green) to private markets (gray).

private mkt shift chart

Tech companies are staying private for longer


Investors are missing out on explosive growth in the private market.


Shareholders aren't able to get the cash they deserve for their shares.

EquityZen is here to change that.

EquityZen is the Marketplace for Pre-IPO Stock.

We connect shareholders from private tech companies seeking liquidity with accredited investors looking for diversification, alternative investments and alpha generation.

Investors can access an asset class that was only open to VCs and the ultra wealthy with low minimums. 

Shareholders can get the liquidity they need to finance life's biggest events: student loans, wedding ring, or a new car.



1. Verify accreditation

2. Browse companies

3. Invest!



1. Tell us about your shares

2. We'll collect demand

3. If there's a match, you get cash!

We're here to help

We understand the needs of our investors and shareholders to help them find the best offerings and get the best price for their shares.

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We'll do the hard part

Our team puts together thorough analysis of all shares that come through our platform. From price history, valuation, and cap tables, we provide users with  up-to-date reporting of company news and funding rounds.


We'll hold your hand

Selling your shares or investing in the private market is new and scary. We're here to guide you through every step of the process.

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We'll keep you safe

We never sell your private and financial information. Ever. Your trust is our number one priority.

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