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EquityZen works with institutional investors to facilitate private market block trades and marketplace transactions.

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Access liquidity in the $500B market for pre-IPO companies*

Companies are staying private longer

Value creation in technology-enabled companies is increasingly occurring in the private markets. In 2004, companies typically went public after 4 years, today the average company IPOs after 10+ years.

EquityZen connects investors with shareholders across our extensive international network of 200,000+ market participants to facilitate direct trades in these private companies.

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Transact in the secondary market with EquityZen


Access Liquidity with our Extensive International Network

We have a robust network of 200,000+ investors and shareholders including 1,000+ VC funds, family offices and institutional investment firms on the platform. We work with you to facilitate your private securities trade through the most suitable deal structure.


Company approved transactions

Explore transactions confidentially with EquityZen, utilizing our guidance and experience in the mid to late stage market. Once you’re ready to execute a transaction, we work with the issuer company to close transactions, mitigating the risk that the transaction is not recognized by the company.

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Proprietary Market Data and Insights

We provide proprietary analysis including recent price history, valuation, cap tables and market data. Provide a bid or an offer, and we will match your trade.


Guided Transactions

Our experienced team guides you comprehensively through the compliance, legal and operational processes to facilitate your transaction seamlessly. Execute and manage all your investment documents easily on the EquityZen platform.

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