Weekly Update #248: IPO Calendar Update

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Weekly Update

Live offerings, preview listings, and some analysis on the pre-IPO space

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Hello Investors,

A few quick updates this week.

Four tech companies are expected to make their public debuts over the coming days:

  • Docusign plans to list on the NASDAQ under the ticker DOCU with an expected pricing range of $24-$26.
  • Ceridian HCM plans to list on the NYSE under the ticker CDAY with an expected pricing range of $19-$21.
  • Smartsheet plans to list on the NYSE under the ticker SMAR with an expected pricing range of $12-$14.
  • Carbon Black plans to list on the NASDAQ under the ticker CBLK with an expected pricing range of $15-17.

These stocks will join a handful of IPOs that already closed YTD. Tech IPOs have gotten off to a strong start so far this year, with most trading well above their initial offering prices.

2018 IPOs: Share Price Performance from IPO Price

Source: Ycharts, EquityZen

* SPOT performance based on $132 reference price set on first trading day


And while we are on the subject...the flurry of IPO activity we have seen year-to-date has brought about an uptick in another corporate action: stock splits. Splits can create confusion for investors and we get a lot of questions on why companies choose to use them and what impact they have on returns. We shed some light on this topic with our blog post last week.


Other items we are reading:

Catherine Klinchuch
Finance & Research Lead, EquityZen


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