Weekly Update #175: Winners, losers, gainers, laggards

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Live offerings, preview listings, and some analysis on the pre-IPO space

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Hello Investors,

Not too long ago, as markets were preparing for uncertainly leading up to the U.S. election, we wrote a blog post about The Pre-IPO Investment Opportunity in an Up Market. Now, we are starting to see the impact of uncertainly following the election.

To IPO or not to IPOOn IPO Markets:

In private markets:

What should be made of the dichotomy here? In any robust market, there are winners and losers, gainers and laggards. Generally speaking, investors prefer normal market environments when valuation changes and liquidity dynamics are driven by company fundamentals, as opposed to macroeconomic or technical factors. In pre-IPO tech, this still seems to be the case. AppDynamics is still planning to go public in 2017. Snap is the buzziest IPO name since Facebook. Ola is facing competitive challenges and, by comparison, doing less than half the business of a similar company (albeit in a different region) in Lyft. Stripe is growing faster than public competitor Square. In the weeks ahead, we’ll keep an eye on whether fundamentals continue to drive markets.

What we're reading:

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Kaylock Yam, CAIA | Distribution Lead | EquityZen



Funding Rounds Since Last Week

Stripe - Payments provider Stripe has raised another $150M at a $9B valuation (TechCrunch)

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