Weekly Update #161: Introducing the EquityZen Top Trending Companies List

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Hello Investors,
(Today's investor note comes from EquityZen's own Kaylock Yam.)

Introducing the EquityZen Top Trending Companies List

We’re firmly in the middle of August, or the “dog days” of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. While public equity markets remain robust and the Summer Olympic Games are in full swing, we hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy some vacation time with friends and family. We at EquityZen have continued to work to bring you a diverse set of pre-IPO investment opportunities, and this has resulted in activity on our platform being very strong throughout the summer. As you sit by the pool or at your desk thinking about your last or next R&R moment, we wanted to report our investor activity in a new and interesting way. 

A summary of our methodology: We looked at a number of user activity factors relating to search terms and page views before a visit to, or while on, EquityZen.com. We then analyzed the data using a combination of Google search and proprietary tools, weighting the factors to fairly compare activity of non-registered users with registered investors. For the sake of establishing a reporting period, we looked at activity from July 1 to July 31.

Without further ado, in alphabetical order, we present the EquityZen Top Trending Companies List for July 2016*:

23andMe, Airbnb, Blue Apron, DocuSign, Instacart, Jet.com, Postmates, Theranos

(Honorable Mentions: Docker, Lyft, Magic Leap, Privateer Holdings)

These are the companies that received the most attention from EquityZen users in July. Note that investment activity was not taken into consideration when compiling this list. A few observations:

  • DocuSign, Jet.com, and Postmates were also among the Top Trending Companies in June and continued their upward momentum in July
  • 23andMe, Blue Apron, Instacart, and Jet.com led the list in terms of search activity among non-registered users
  • Postmates saw consistent interest among non-registered users and registered investors

As the cliché goes, we couldn’t have done this without you – that is literally the case here. We believe our users are some of the smartest investors in the room, so to speak. Consider that the popularity of Jet.com on EquityZen in July was before the company announced it will be sold to Walmart.

We hope you find this list useful. Our plan is to publish it here monthly, with added commentary on the movement of specific companies month-to-month (like music charts for songs). Let us know if you have any feedback!  

Kaylock Yam | Distribution Lead | EquityZen  

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* Appearance on the Top Trending Companies list does not constitute a recommendation to make an investment in a company, nor does it constitute any view regarding the securities of the companies on this list. Companies appearing on this list are not necessarily those available for investment, and the determination to appear on this list and placement within this list are evaluated independent of whether any company on the list is available for investment via EquityZen. Further, appearance on this list does not guarantee future performance of securities of companies who appear on this list.
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