Weekly Update #154: what the Brexit means for Tech

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Weekly Update #154: what the Brexit means for Tech
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Hello Investors,
What does the Brexit mean for Startups and Tech?

In light of the Brexit (and I'm referring to the UK leaving the EU, not England's devastating 2-1 loss to Iceland in the European Championship), I thought I'd point readers to a few articles covering the impact on startups and tech:

Phil Haslett | Founder + Head of Investments | EquityZen 
In other news...
"Palantir seems well-positioned to test the public waters. Though sources tell us it isn’t yet profitable, the company reportedly saw bookings last year of $1.7 billion, roughly 60 percent of which came from commercial enterprises and another 40 percent from government contracts."
"...America’s top five industries receiving VC capital account for 76.3 percent of all VC investment nationwide, some $25 billion."

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