Weekly Update #118: Square's IPO Filing

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Hello Investors,
Square IPO
Payments company Square, founded by current Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, filed its S-1 with the SEC indicating its plans to IPO. Some interesting notes from the filing (which you can view here):
  • Jack Dorsey still owns 24.4% of the company, or 71 million shares. At the company's last private round (a $6 billion valuation), that stake is worth about $1.1 billion. Even more impressive: Dorsey is pledging 55 million shares (or ~19% of the company) to charity.
  • The company's last round of funding was a $312 million round in October 2014. Those Series E shares have a protection in place, known as a "ratchet", whereby they'll be issued additional shares of common stock should the IPO price at less than a 20% premium to the price they paid in 2014. If this sounds familiar, a similar situation arose with Box's IPO last January.
  • At the time of the $6 billion round, Square had generated trailing-twelve-month revenue of $765 million, resulting in a revenue multiple of 7.8x ($6B / $765M). As per the S-1, Square's last twelve months' revenue have eclipsed $1 billion. Assuming the same revenue multiple of 7.8x, we may expect Square's valuation to be pegged around $8 billion.
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Phil Haslett | Founder & Head of Investor Relations | EquityZen 
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