Weekly Update #117: AngelList and CSC Upshot ($400 Million Fund) Partnership

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Hello Investors,
$400 Million Angel
Angel Investing has gone institutional. 
AngelList, known to be the premier equity crowdfunding platform for seed investments, has partnered up with a $400 million fund out of China (CSC Upshot) for them to invest into early-stage deals.
This is quite the triumph for AngelList and Naval Ravikant, the platform's founder. Consider this: only $100 million was invested through the platform in 2014. Naval has been adamant about more institutions joining the platform in the past, and secured a small victory with Maiden Lane committing $25 million to invest on the platform.
EquityZen is excited to see the progress being made by AngelList in empowering investors to have seed-stage access. But you may be wondering "how could CSC Upshot possibly invest that much money in seed deals?"
The good news is that CSC Upshot will be deploying that capital slowly, as not to disrupt the seed-stage market. But really, it's a testament to AngelList's technology solution to venture investing (which previously required multiple face-to-face meetings and mountains of paperwork). CSC Upshot will aim to build the most diversified seed investment fund in history, and it's only possible because of a tech platform like AngelList.
Exciting times.
In Other News... 
Payment technology company Square is expected to reveal details about its buzzy business in the coming weeks when it publicly files for an initial public offering. If so, potential investors will be paying close attention.
At a gathering of pre-IPO companies and investors, three CEOs of so-called “Unicorn” companies share their tips.
Phil Haslett | Founder & Head of Investor Relations | EquityZen 

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