Weekly Update #116: Resources to Track Venture Investments and Secondary Markets

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Live offerings, preview listings, and some analysis on the pre-IPO space

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Hello Investors,
Tracking venture investments and secondary markets can be difficult. There's a lot of noise when it comes to announcing new rounds of funding, strategic partnerships, and rumors of IPOs and acquisitions. For unique, in-depth analysis on the space (and without all the fluff), I recommend five specific blogs and daily write-ups you can subscribe to:
  • Tom Tunguz (VC at Redpoint): Tom has done a great job of consistently releasing a data-driven report about the tech every few days. What I really appreciate, however, is that Tom has tracked the upward (and downward) trends of public tech companies over the years to see if there are leading indicators that will impact private tech valuations. He tends to focus on Sales-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, but it's still worth your time if you follow other sectors.

  • CB Insights: Anand Sandwal spearheads this venture capital database, and they are quick to release research reports on highly relevant trends in the private tech world. Check out their Unicorn tracker, for example.

  • Term Sheet: Fortune writer Dan Primack sends a concise, daily summary of recent venture financings, IPOs, personnel changes, and the like. It usually covers a deep dive on one or two emerging topics. Warning: Dan also covers Private Equity activity, so it won't be specific to VC. But still, a must-read daily email.

  • StrictlyVC: Connie Loizos is now an editor at TechCrunch, but still finds time to release her daily VC summary. It includes today's large financings, and usually a one-on-one interview with a prominent figure in the VC space.

  • Mattermark Daily: another startup database, Mattermark scours the VC + Tech blogoverse for the 10-15 most relevant articles written by both investors and operators of tech companies. 
In Other News... 
Li Jiang has identified 250 private companies that are poised to become the next unicorns of the world. 
The Age of the Cockroach (Caterina Fake, Founder Collective)
Caterina predicts that a plague is coming to kill the unicorns and that less glamorous companies will survive as cockroaches.
Phil Haslett | Founder & Head of Investor Relations | EquityZen 
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