Weekly Update #102: Greece and China

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Weekly Update

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Hello Investors,
I've got a short column this week, with the July 4th holiday coming up. A few blurbs below.
Greece and China
It's worth keeping an eye on Europe and the potential for a "Grexit", where the EU may boot Greece from the Euro in response to the country's inability to pay back nearly $1.8 billion in debt. Stock markets worldwide already took a tumble on Monday, with the S&P retreating 2.1%. 
Meanwhile, the Chinese stock market has started to cool off from its record run: the SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) has shed more than 20% in the past two weeks.
What does this mean for tech investing? It's worth monitoring how non-US tech companies continue to get funded: some may start to approach US-based investors rather than European or Chinese ones for capital. Additionally, US-based tech companies that derive a large portion of revenue from selling to Europe and China may see an impact on their bottom-line in the near-term.
In other news...
First Round Capital discusses the trend of early stage valuations rising disproportionately to exit valuations, and their approach to navigating the VC space in the current environment. 
Prominent venture capitalists discuss investing large allocations of money in the venture capital space for long periods of time, and how that affects investment decisions.
Uber's France CEO and Europe GM were arrested earlier today for allegedly violating transportation laws by operating certain Uber products in the country. 
Continuing their trend of adapting to an increasingly social and online fundraising environment, the SEC now permits startups to publicize their financing offerings via social media.
Additional applications for Bitcoin's Blockchain technologies are being developed, such as digitizing and encrypting luxury goods to provide a indelible, unique record for the items.
Phil Haslett | Founder & Head of Investor Relations | EquityZen 
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