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EquityZen connects shareholders of private tech companies who want to sell their stock with accredited investors looking to access the private market. 

Here's how it works


Shareholders sell shares to EquityZen

We conduct due diligence and then price the shares. If there is enough demand we purchase the shares and place them in an investment vehicle.


We open up the deal

We open up the deal live to investors who purchase an interest in the investment vehicle.


Proceeds are distributed

If the company gets acquired or goes public, shares or cash are distributed to investors.

Tech companies are staying private for longer


The average time for US tech companies to go public has risen from 4 years in 1999 to 10+ years today...

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...this means that access to early stage technology companies has almost disappeared from the public market. 

Outsized returns in the private market

Public markets are losing IPO candidates as promising companies choose to stay private longer.

As a result, more value is taking place in the private market: the average US tech company is worth $1 billion by its IPO!

Employees at these startups have to wait years to access their hard earned equity, preventing them from moving on with their life.

This illiquid market has been broken for decades.

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Investors: Why invest on EquityZen?

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Research and Analysis

Access proprietary analysis including price history, valuation, cap tables and funding rounds.


Low Minimums

First time users can invest for $10,000. Other private market exchanges charge $100,000 investment minimums!


Alternative Allocation

Diversify your portfolio and generate alpha outside the stock market.

Shareholders: Why sell on EquityZen?


Fund Life’s Moments

Buy a home, start a family or pay for your child’s tuition. You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold. Companies operate on a different timeline and are taking longer to go public.


Diversify Your Net Worth

Some employees have over 90% of their net worth tied up in their company stock. Taking some chips off the table could be a proudent difersification decision.


Guided Transactions

Our platform guides you through the process of transferring equity ownership and keeps you updated on the progress of your sale. 

The Private Market is Calling. 

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