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EquityZen CEO Talks Pre-IPO Investing on Fox Business News

Shriram Bhashyam | February 26, 2015

EquityZen CEO Atish Davda was featured on February 24, 2015 on Fox Business News' After the Bell segment to discuss EquityZen and how it provides accredited investors with access to tech companies before their IPO.

A few highlights:

  • With companies staying private longer, private investment is a crucial channel through which to access growth.
  • EquityZen transacts only with company blessing, minimizing investment and counterparty risk.
  • Filtering the right opportunities: of 300+ opportunities to seek listing in 2014, only 65 companies made it through EquityZen's filter.
  • Company profile: $100 million valuation or greater, invested in by top VCs, post-revenue.

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