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EquityZen works with both U.S. and international investors. Sign up as an investor on EquityZen and verify your status as an Accredited Investor to access the platform and browse available fund offerings.

While not without risk, we offer companies with proven track-records of raising capital, generally from top-tier venture capital investors. Stay updated as new offerings are added and become available for investment.


Reserve investments

You can review offering documents for live offerings and reserve investments in EquityZen’s investment funds by signing a non-binding term sheet on EquityZen. We provide proprietary analysis in our offering documents including recent price history, valuation and cap tables.

You can also indicate your desired investment in preview offerings, which may turn live with adequate investor interest.


Complete investment documents and fund investment

Once reservations are filled for a offering, complete your investment by executing the investment paperwork on EquityZen and providing bank information for funding your investment. Note that investments are in an EquityZen investment fund that owns the shares.

During this period, we will work with the company and the shareholder to complete the transaction. EquityZen will keep you abreast of any important investment updates via e-mail. Once the deal is approved, funds are transferred by ACH or wire.


Manage portfolio

Easily track and manage your investments and documents on EquityZen. We will provide periodic updates related to news about the company. In addition, our third-party fund administrator will send you relevant tax forms related to your investment.


Receive investment proceeds

If the company IPOs or gets acquired we’ll distribute shares to your brokerage account or cash proceeds to your bank account.

Note: not all pre-IPO companies will go public or get acquired, and not all IPOs or acquisitions will result in successful investments.

Tech companies are staying private for longer


The average time for US tech companies to go public has risen from 4 years in 1999 to 10+ years today.


This means that access to early stage technology companies has disappeared from the public market. The average US tech company is worth $1B by the time of the IPO!

Investors are missing out.

Capital invested in private tech companies grew from $11 billion in 2005 to $75 billion in 2015 and almost tripled from 2013 to 2015. 

Six companies between 2004 and 2015 went public with $10 billion valuations. Even more have gone public since!

The bottom line is that the public markets are losing IPO candidates as promising companies choose to stay private longer.

As a result, more value is taking place in the private market.

private mkt shift chart

Source: EquityZen, March 2019. The graph displays how value creation from 1986 through 2019 has shifted from the public markets (green) to the private markets (gray). Roku's private valuation multiple based on Series B to IPO.

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