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EZ Valuation guide

EquityZen's Valuation Guide

Valuation is the cornerstone of investing - how should private market investors determine value?

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lessons learnt from 2019 ipos SS

Lessons learned from 2019 IPOs


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Harness Wealth Blog SS

When to Exercise your Options

An informative guide for startup employees.


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ipo center ss

EquityZen's IPO Center

Explore deep dives on previous and upcoming IPOs including Uber, WeWork, Lyft and Slack.

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vision fund update ss

SoftBank's Vision Fund: Portfolio Update


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saas pts multiples ss

Q3 SaaS Price-to-Sales Multiples

Learn how the market is valuing public SaaS companies. 

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Glossary SS

Venture Capital Glossary

Learn more about the language of the venture capital industry. 

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airbnb newsletter ss

Airbnb's Next Destination: IPO

Read more about Airbnb's journey towards IPO here. 

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wework article ss

WeWork's Rough 8 Weeks, Explained


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up-c structure of wework ss

WeWork's UP-C Structure Explained


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EquityZen IPO Outlook SS

2019 IPO Outlook

EquityZen's overview of 2019's top IPO candidates.


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Market Sentiment Index SS

EquityZen's Market Sentiment Index


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