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  • Diversify your risk
  • Get cash for life events (student debt, mortgage)


  • Access pre-IPO tech companies through an EquityZen investment vehicle
  • Diversify your investment portfolio


  • Take control of shareholder liquidity
  • No recurring change to the Cap Table
  • No transfer of voting or information rights

*Includes Marketable Investment Opportunities (as further defined) that have been sourced through the EquityZen platform within the past 30 day period. Marketable Investment Opportunities are defined as investment opportunities that: a) we believe would receive investor interest, b) fit within the mandate of the EquityZen platform (which is primarily focused on late stage private technology companies), and c) do not have any known restrictions that would prevent a transaction from occurring. The maximum size of a Marketable Investment Opportunity is generally $500,000. Not all opportunities added to the pipeline are currently available for investment.